Kendra Blonde Ponytail Hairstyle

Kendra tight blonde ponytail hairstyle.
Is it just me or is Kendra's casual ponytail hairstyles not the sexiest look in the world.

I don't know exactly what makes it so appealing, but whenever i see her donning that sassy blonde ponytail, i go head over heels for the little firecracker.

If not the ponytail, which is your favorite Kendra hairstyle?
Kendra loose fitting ponytail hairstyle.


Kendra Height

We all know that Kendra Wilkinson's is a pint sized little firecracker who is carry on assessable, but do you know her actual height.

Well neither did we, until Google told us!

Kendra Wilkinson is listed at 5 feet 4 inches tall on all the site that we checked out.


Kendra Teeth

Most people are quick to notice the larger assents of Kendra, however i truly enjoy the simple things about her, like her amazing nice straight teeth.

Can't get enough of those open mouth smiles, nothing better!


Kendra Breast Implants

I love Kendra Wilkinson, god bless her little heart but i don't understand why she chose to get such unnatural looking breast implants.

By getting such big implants, they make her boobs look awkward and hard, however if she would have settled for B cups, they would have fit her petite frame much better.

What do you cats think? Good boob job or bad plastic surgery?


Kendra Wilkinson Desktop Wallpapers

Hot desktop wallpaper pics of playboy bunny and celeb reality star Kendra Wilkinson.